My book launch – get your FREE copy (for a limited time only)

Defeat Dyslexia! (FREE for a limited time only)Short version: I’ve written a book! It’s called Defeat Dyslexia!: The Parents’ Guide to Understanding Your Child’s Dyslexia, and it’s available on Amazon. To celebrate its launch, the Kindle e-book is free (for a limited time only).

(Don’t have a Kindle? No problem! Download your free copy of the e-book and read it on your tablet, phone, or computer using the Kindle app.)

What’s the catch? Well, I’m hoping you’ll read it, enjoy it, and (if you do) please, please, please write a review on Amazon or Good Reads (or both). Thank you! I appreciate it!

Long version:

A few years ago, I offered to help dyslexia expert Holly Swinton (who just happens to be my sister) write a book for parents of dyslexic children. Three months later, I’d finished the book and inked a deal with a major publishing house… Oh wait, that didn’t happen, because writing and publishing a book is hard.

Holly and I spent a long time crafting the type of book a parent would actually want to read in order to learn about dyslexia: one that was easy to understand, uplifting in tone, and provided real answers to parents’ real concerns.

In the process, we realised that the best people to get this book out into the world were… us.

So I became the book designer/e-book coder/chief marketeer/general dogsbody of the Nicola Martin Publishing Emporium. And now here we are: the book’s available on Amazon as both an e-book and a paperback, and (hopefully) all the hard work was worth it.

However, dear friends (and random people who’ve stumbled across this post), I need your help…

As with any new book, Amazon reviews are incredibly important to its success.

If you enjoy the book, please consider taking 5 minutes to write a short review on Amazon, Good Reads, or both. Mentioning the book to friends and, particularly, on Facebook or Twitter would also mean a lot to me.

Download the free e-book

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