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Get the Dead Ringer ebook for only 99p! (limited time offer)

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Looking for a bargain to blow away the Covid blues? The Dead Ringer ebook is currently on sale, for a limited time only, for 99p.

Hurry and snap it up on Kindle, Kobo or whichever ebook platform you use.

Here’s the blurb:

Get ready to meet the other you.

Just upload your photo to get started. Using the latest facial recognition software, plus your votes, MeetYourDouble will find your doppelgänger.


The idea is simple, vain, exciting. Tap the app, upload a picture, find your #deadringer – and if you like, set up a meeting in real life.

When Ella and Jem connect, the resemblance is uncanny, but their lives are polar opposites. One is stagnating in her Northern hometown, while the other, an aspiring actress living in a multimillion-pound mansion, is a Chelsea socialite who knows she’s skating on thin ice.

Other than their looks, their only similarity is the desire to escape. Is it possible to hide in your double’s skin? And at what cost? Dead Ringer is an all-too-believable, twisty, compelling story that will leave you reeling.

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Nicola Martin is the author of Dead Ringer, a psychological thiller about meeting your doppelganger (and the disastrous consequences that follow).

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