5 reasons you need to take self-publishing seriously

It’s easy clickbait to slag off self-publishing – usually on the basis of assumptions that are either only half-true or not true at all.

As someone who’s spent the last few months discovering the world of self-publishing – in preparation for self-pub’ing my own book – it’s frustrating to be constantly hit by a wall of negativity and misconceptions whenever I mention self-publishing.

With that in mind, I firmly believe that every writer (and every reader invested in finding good books to read) should understand the truth about self-publishing, instead of relying on a kneejerk reaction of, “lol, it’s all typos and bad covers and if I self-publish I’ll never win the Booker!*”

(*If winning the Man Booker Prize is really your #1 goal in writing fiction, then I salute your gigantic ego and insane lack of realism. But anyway…)

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