The Getaway

The Getaway by Nicola Martin

Rule one of working with the super-rich: normal rules do not apply

Lola prides herself on being the most bombproof manager in the high-end hotel business. Need fifty red roses, a stuffed unicorn and the perfect diamond ring to propose to your girlfriend tomorrow? No problem – if you can pay for it, Lola can handle it. So why has she just fled her well-paid job in Hong Kong in the middle of the night for a remote island in the Caribbean?

Rule two: be prepared for any situation.

Keeper Island is exactly the clean sheet Lola needs. A billionaire-owned private resort, it’s a dream job: white sand, palm trees, jewel-blue sea… all the paradise clichés. Super-exclusive, meaning fewer guests – and fewer people to know her location. The only connection with her previous life now is her old mentor and new boss, Mike Moxham.

Rule three: trust no one.

But when Moxham is found dead less than 24 hours after Lola’s arrival on Keeper, all hopes of a fresh start are banished. Because while everyone else is sure the death was an accident, they didn’t know Moxham like Lola did – and they weren’t there when he told her exactly what he’s been up to on the island. Which means she might be next…

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