Dead Ringer by Nicola Martin

Dead Ringer – what the bloggers say

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How did Dead Ringer go down with the book bloggers? Here’s a round-up of what happened on part 1 of the blog tour.

“Littered with moments of dark humour and flawless insight, I found myself inside the head of both girls as their story came tumbling out.” (Full review at Chapterinmylife)

“Fast paced, addictive and compelling, this book is a fascinating read.” (Full review at Bookliterati Book Reviews)

“This is a psychological thriller with a unique edge. It brings to life the destructive nature of envy and the reality that happiness is more than material things.” (Full review at The Bookwormery)

Dead Ringer by Nicola Martin“When reading there was an undercurrent that something bad is going to happen. I couldn’t put my finger on what it would be or how sinister but it just made me feel anxious as to what would happen.” (Full review at Honestmamreader’s Book Blog)

“An utterly riveting read, following the story of the 2 main characters, with a fresh and compelling look at the dark-side of social media, celebrity lives and mental health.” (Full review at The Twist and Turn Book Blog)

“The author had a great idea and she executed it perfectly, delivering a brilliant and unique thriller.” (Full review at On My Bookshelf)

“So many layers, and the twists were amazing. I totally recommend it to the reader who likes to be shocked.” (Full review at Joyful Antidotes)

“This book was an exciting and gritty psychological thriller, and it kept me wanting to come back to it to read more, never quite knowing where it was going to take me.” (Full review at BookMadJo)

“I read this book basically within 24 hours because honestly, I had to know what happened next.” (Full review at Booker T’s Farm)

“Twist and turns aplenty will keep fans of psychological thrillers happy, whilst the underlying darker themes add a depth that bring this novel up a notch. Fine writing and a great debut from an author to watch.” (Full review at Random Things Through My Letterbox)

“Darkly comic and viciously apt […] this is a clever, twisted tale of how the other half lives.” (Full review at Ramblingmads)

“Modern, fresh, millennial-friendly and highly addictive!” (Full review at Love Books Group)

Dead Ringer blog tour

Big thanks to Anne of Random Things Through My Letterbox for organising the blog tour.

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