Doppelgangers and imposters quiz

Quiz: doppelgangers and imposters

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This is a longer version of the quiz I ran at my book launch event. Test your knowledge of doppelgangers and imposters with these questions. (Answers below.)


Q1. Which language does the word ‘doppelganger’ derive from?

Q2: Which sitcom star was accused of robbery in 2018 after his dastardly doppelganger was caught on CCTV following the criminal act?

Q3: Which 2019 horror movie featured a family plagued by attackers who looked like them?

Q4: In which Patricia Highsmith novel does a con artist pass himself off as the affluent Dickie Greenleaf?

Q5: What’s the name of the Bristol legend from the 1800s who pretended to be the princess of the island of Javasu in the Indian Ocean?

Q6: In New York in 2018, a Russian woman tried to poison her doppelganger and steal her identity. What food item did she lace with poison?

Q7: Which spooky literary genre, popularised in the 1700s, often features doppelgangers?

Q8: Which 2019 pop video featured the star’s drag queen doppelganger?

Q9: What’s the name of the Tana French novel where cop Cassie sets out to solve her doppelganger’s murder by going undercover as her double?

Dead Ringer by Nicola Martin




Keep scrolling for the answers…





Q1. German

Q2: David Schwimmer

Q3: Us

Q4: The Talented Mr Ripley

Q5: Princess Caraboo or Mary Baker

Q6: Cheesecake

Q7: Gothic literature

Q8: Taylor Swift – You Need to Calm Down

Q9: The Likeness

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